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Thursday, July 12, 2001 VOLUME 1 ISSUE 5   How the 2001 Tax Act Affects Your Clients  


The New Tax Law & Your Clients
Lunchtime Tax Relief Brief


2001 Tax Bill Legislative Summary
May 31, 2001
Vol. 1 Issue 4
Esate Tax Repeal: Much Ado About Not Much
May 29, 2001
Vol. 1 Issue 3


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The New Tax Law & Your Clients
How the New Tax Law Affects Your Clients - Do they need a new Will right away?
by Your Firm
"These changes make a nightmare for people trying to plan. The worst mistake would be to assume the estate tax will not be owed if one lives long enough. But even if one lives until 2010 and repeal remains in effect, new problems arise that will require professional advice." - From the New York Times (Sunday, June 3, 2001)
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We were having coffee at a wood-paneled Caribou Coffee house in Chicago as we searched our contact databases and calendared a business meeting. I even sent an email to myself as an additional reminder.

In this issue of the Tax Law News, we offer observations for clients based on what we do know after a careful reading of the new law and consideration of its impact on our clients. And, we’ve made it easy for advisors who are asked by clients, "How does the new law affect me?". Simply find the category which describes your client's current situation in the Article which follows (click on the [Full Story] link immediately below).

Lunchtime Tax Relief Brief

Income and estate tax reform cause new tangles
Get your team up to speed on the increased complexities caused by graduated reform. How does the new law affect you and your clients? Contact your name to book a brief but informative seminar. (email:


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